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A look into the upcoming season, check out what's new on the runway this Spring Summer 2020.

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How masculinity is morphing and modernizing, according to 18 influential people who are shaping our culture now.



"Movember” started as a month-long fundraiser for men’s health initiatives, and it called on guys to grow out their mustaches.

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Today the men’s fashion industry has entered into an exciting phase of expansion and evolution. As the market diversifies to become increasingly vibrant and varied, modern masculinity has become primarily concerned with communicating individuality. 


Unfollow challenges the stereotypes and norms that influence men’s fashion and masculinity as well as investigates how men construct their identities through their appearances. The idea is not to quash masculine traits but to amplify these in a healthy, stable way, establishing respect.

Bridging communication gaps, displaying narratives and rendering services to address men's anxieties, Unfollow is hoping to pave a new way of storytelling.


Unfollow explores the thoughts and feelings of men as they engage with fashion and make clothing choices every day – from experiencing body anxieties to developing the confidence to wear makeup if they choose to. 

By sharing the stories on our platform, creating diverse representation and bridging the gap between the runway and wardrobe, the project aims at inspiring the public to connect to their own struggles. The Subscription Box is the first of many of these steps.


It hopes to start a conversation about masculinity and men’s fashion and maybe make it less daunting for men to face the world of fashion. 


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