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A monthly publication, it contains relevant articles, follows a theme of discussion and hopes to collaborate with writers, photographers, and brands working to change the perception of masculinity.

Covering an overarching theme, the publication aims to provide platform and engage with a 

asculinity is a socially constructed concept Trying to understand the anxieties of men as well as

that people selectively use to describe what a

man should be and how he should act.


Men’s shifting self-identities and masculinities result in changes in men’s clothing and shopping behaviour.

Today, one may see dark clothing everywhere. Male fashion models primarily represent a white, youthful, tall, toned, and able-bodied appearance: these features are associated with the masculine qualities of strength and discipline” (Barry, 2014). There is a considerable lack of dialogue and rigidity on ideals of masculinity and what it means to be ‘a man’ in the menswear industry (Neighbour, 11).

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