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Packed with get-ups, garments, and grooming products, this package is tailored to your monthly needs and customized to your taste. For a minimal price, make your life easier and leave the hassle to us. 

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Each month, our expert stylists and algorithm choose quality, eco-conscious clothes just for you. Choose how frequently you want to swap

for new items, it’s all about whatever works best for you.


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Keep items at home for as long as a week. When you’ve decided what to keep, send them back in the return bag that it was delivered with, attatched with the rerun slip, for free!

How It Works

* No monthly fee. Skip a month anytime (it's free!). Each monthly box is subject to a $35 styling fee if you return the entire box.



Company Values

Locally designed product, with a focus on functions and combining classic styles, modern cuts, and innovative materials.

Made with eco-conscious materials and methods in every step of our supply chain.

Wearing clothes – or more accurately, choosing which clothes to wear, is up to you. Mention it to your stylist in your quiz and we will be sure to provide. 

I was all jeans and basic tees, the maximum I’d do is probably throw over some jacket or a button down but this really got me thinking about how I dress up and now it’s like I’m experimenting with my styles and I take pride in putting together an outfit.

— Edward Lim

I was very impressed with the accuracy in selection of the items that I received in my box. It matched my preferences very well. 


I have never experienced this concept before. It was a very refreshing experience as opposed to going and picking out something by myself.


I was a bit skeptic of how accurate the box selection would be but I was pleasantly surprised after going through all the items I received in the box.


The box packaging really elevated my whole experience with unfollow and the team did a great job at matching my preferences.

— Rishi